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Strategic IT-outsourcing - what do we know and need to know?

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This paper presents a review of existing theoretical perspectives and empirical work on strategicIT outsourcing. By presenting the main findings of various recent studies and elaborating oncurrent research gaps it conveys a picture of the past research, the present findings and the futureapplications of IT outsourcing. Prior research has generated theoretical insights and largely qualitativeevidence on IT outsourcing. While quantitative studies remain sparse, limited to decisionmakingand performance, there is a lack of quantitative empirical research examining outsourcingprocesses more comprehensively. This paper outlines a simple, yet integrative process model anddevelops propositions, which serve to integrate and compare theoretical strands, to evaluate existingempirical research and to stimulate new avenues of empirical research.

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Volker Mahnke, Mikkel Lucas Overby, Jan Vang

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