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Benchmarking Danish Industries - Supply Chain Management

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This report is based on the survey "Industrial Companies in Denmark – Today and Tomorrow",section IV: Supply Chain Management - Practices and Performance, question number 4.9 onperformance assessment. To our knowledge, this survey is unique, as we have not been able to findresults from any compatible survey. The International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS) doesbring up the question of supply chain management, but unfortunately, we did not have access to thedatabase. Data from the members of the SCOR-model, in the form of benchmarked performance data,may exist, but are nonetheless not public. The survey is a cooperative project "Benchmarking DanishIndustries" with CIP/Aalborg University, the Danish Technological University, the DanishTechnological Institute and Copenhagen Business School as consortia partners. The project has beenfunded by the Danish Agency for Trade and Industry. The present survey was developed andconducted in the period of 2001-2003.

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Britta Gammelgaard, Eric Bentzen, Mette Aagaard Andreassen

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