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The Evolution of Click-n-Mortar E-tailing in Denmark

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The paper at hand presents an extension and application of Kotzab & Madlbergers (Kotzab &Madlberger, 2001) original clicks-and-mortar web-scan framework, which is here used to reexaminethe click-and-mortar activities of the top 100 Danish retailers and compare with resultsfrom the identical study last year. The first part of the paper describes the development andrationale behind the model used, the second part describes the results obtained and describes theevolution by analysing data from 2001, 2002 and 2003. The empirical results show a shifttoward selling in the internet channel, and a differentiation between the most sophisticated sites:they focus on either Marketing or Logistics processes!

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Lars B. Sørensen, Lisa L. Holst

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