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Management in the project-oriented society

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A society, which applies frequently projects and programmes, and which provides project management-related education, research and marketing services, can be perceived as a project-oriented society (POS). More projects and programmes are performed in industry but also in new social areas, such as (small) municipalities, associations, schools and even families. "Management by Projects" becomes a macro-economic strategy of the society, to cope with complexity and dynamics and to ensure quality of the project results. In order to ensure international competitiveness through professionally managed projects and programmes more individuals and more organisations in the society have to be familiar with project management principles. Project and programme management competences are required not only in the industry but also in these new areas of application. A "project management cross-over" between business life and private life can be organised explicitly, to develop project management competences in families, schools, small municipalities, etc. Universities, PM associations, consulting and training companies, etc, have to take on responsibilities for the know how transfer from industry to individuals and organisations, representing these new areas of project management application. programm I austria - The Austrian Project Management Initiative promotes on the one hand the professionalisation of project and programme management, and of project portfolio management in the Austrian industry and on the other hand the application of project management in families and schools, in small municipalities and associations, in politics, in churches, etc. By that the maturity of Austria as a POS shall be further developed. First experiences were made with family projects, school projects and projects of small municipalities. (author's abstract) ; Series: WU-Jahrestagung 2002

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Roland Gareis

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