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Social Network Analysis of Weighted Telecommunications Graphs

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SNA provides a wide range of tools that allow examination of telecommunications graphs. Those graphs contain vertices representing cell phone users and lines standing for established connections. Many sna tools do not incorporate the intensity of interaction. This may lead to wrong conclusions because the difference between best friends and random contacts can be defined by the accumulated duration of talks. To solve this problem, we propose a closeness centrality measure (ewc) that incorporates line values and compare it to Freeman's closeness. Small exemplary networks will demonstrate the characteristics of the weighted closeness compared to other centrality measures. Finally, the ewc will be tested on a real-world telecommunications graph provided by a large Austrian mobile service provider and the advantages of the ewc will be discussed. (authorĀ“s abstract) ; Series: Research Report Series / Department of Statistics and Mathematics

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Angela Bohn, Norbert Walchhofer, Patrick Mair, Kurt Hornik

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