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Electronic citizen participation has become a realistic option on all levels. Electronic participation includes: (i) citizen information systems about political decision making and law making, such as; (ii) discussion and deliberation platforms; and (iii) direct decision making in electronic voting, which is the focus of this research project. The high level of international experience in the field of electronic voting has been encouraging. In a semi-nal contribution, the Council of Europe published a set of minimum requirements for the legal, opera-tional and technical design of electronic voting sys-tems [CoE2004]. There is an ever-increasing number of pilot projects been conducted in several European countries. Practical experience is needed, not only to test the technology, but also to test the usability and user acceptance of such systems. This was the main ob-jective of this test. (author's abstract) ; Series: Working Papers on Information Systems, Information Business and Operations

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Alexander Prosser, Reinhard Steininger

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