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Analyse der Bewertung verschiedener Zustellungsoptionen im B2C e-Commerce

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Zustellungsoptionen im B2C e-Commerce

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This thesis analyses the evaluation of various delivery-services in the business to consumer fraction of e-commerce. Simplified it can be said, that businesses try to satisfy the so called "convenience factor" of the growing segment of single households and double-income households through their online shopping activities, which is mirrored in the substantial growth-rates of e-commerce in the industrial nations. The efficiency of such a system, however, is determined by logistical effectiveness in particular concerning the "last-mile" between the final distribution point and the consumer. The study is therefore aimed at evaluating the relevance and sequence of the main components of a delivery service by the customer and thereby to also examine the acceptance of so called "Box-Systems" as opposed to conventional delivery systems in Austria. As the acceptance of online shopping is closely related to the acceptance and use of the internet this thesis begins with an introductory chapter on the trends of internet use in Austria followed by an analysis of the problems of delivery in long distance commerce with emphasis on the last-mile problematic. A short description and classification of the statistical method of Conjoint Measurement sets the framework for the development and structuring of the survey as a basis for the empirical study. This method allows the author to measure the importance of the constitutive factors on the sequence of the different options. Finally the empirical study in the form of a survey with a sample size of 189 evaluated questionnaires is described and the results are analysed. The study reveals that overall the place of delivery is the most important criterion closely followed by price, whereas the time of delivery only plays a secondary role and punctuality seems to constitute the crucial competitive edge. In addition the partworths also reveal a number of new findings, especially concerning time frames. (author's abstract) ; Series: Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Transportwirtschaft und Logistik - Logistik

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Arne Niehaus

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