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Grüne Logistik abseits von CO2-Emissionen: nachhaltiges Management in der Logistikbranche

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Management in der Logistikbranche

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The Transport and Logistics sector has besides the positive aspects concerning the support of economic growth and expanding international trade, several negative environmental impacts. All above is the global discussed climate change in particular the reduction of CO2 emissions followed by environmental friendly packaging and wrapping, warehouse building and efficient transportation forms due to energy consumption. As a consequence of the rising pollution, stricter environmental policy measures are inescapable and logistic service providers have to implement ecological strategies. To incorporate ecological and sustainable aspects in the company structure, it is beneficial to build up an environmental management and to develop corresponding products and services. The present paper identifies strategies that are more or less popular for managing and responding to environmental issues in the Austrian transport and logistics sector. In addition the relationships between company characteristics and the particular types of strategies applied in managing logistics-related environmental impacts are presented. First of all a theoretical overview of terms and development of green logistics is given, followed by a short presentation of the negative external effects caused by the CO2 emissions of road transport. In the next step the impact of logistics in context of sustainable development is analyzed. Furthermore possible green measures are exposed to the strategic adjustment of logistic service providers in terms of environmental policy instruments like eco-controlling and operating figures. After that the presentation of selected expert interviews tries to figure out the importance of the theoretically demonstrated topics in the practical experience in the Austrian transport and logistics industry. At the end a conclusion is made based on the interview results and the theoretical research, before prospects of a greener logistics are acknowledged (author's abstract) ; Series: Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Transportwirtschaft und Logistik - Logistik

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Andreas Baldauf

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