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Vorgehensmodell zur Implementierung eines komponentenbasierten ERP-Systems

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ERP systems support companies in their day-to-day business. They support all relevant business processes, they record transaction data and relate them to planning data, which help managers to control their companies effectively. Each ERP vendor develops the system based on theory and experience in order to support the processes of many types of companies. Vendors try to achieve a balance between standardisation and flexibility to allow companies a fast customization of the ERP system. Very small components allow the system a high degree of flexibility, but they increase the effort required for the administration and coordination between the components. If companies use components from different vendors, an ERP project becomes more complicated. This dissertation introduces a framework for the design of an ERP system based on small components. The framework focuses on the interfaces between functions and the functional areas (organisational units) of the company. (author's abstract)

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Christian Nebenf├╝hr

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