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A text mining framework in R and its applications

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Text mining has become an established discipline both in research as in business intelligence. However, many existing text mining toolkits lack easy extensibility and provide only poor support for interacting with statistical computing environments. Therefore we propose a text mining framework for the statistical computing environment R which provides intelligent methods for corpora handling, meta data management, preprocessing, operations on documents, and data export. We present how well established text mining techniques can be applied in our framework and show how common text mining tasks can be performed utilizing our infrastructure. The second part in this thesis is dedicated to a set of realistic applications using our framework. The first application deals with the implementation of a sophisticated mailing list analysis, whereas the second example identifies the potential of text mining methods for business to consumer electronic commerce. The third application shows the benefits of text mining for law documents. Finally we present an application which deals with authorship attribution on the famous Wizard of Oz book series. (author's abstract)

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Ingo Feinerer

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