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Habitusforschung in der Wiener Elektronischen Musikszene

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Within the field of creative industries the topic of this research is dedicated to an analysis of the "habitus" of the producers of electronic music, based on the "theory of habitus" of the french sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. According to Bourdieu, a "social field" is affected by specific attributes of the people involved in the field. "Habitus" can be defined as a system of dispositions. The "social field" in our research is restricted to producers of electronic music. Geographically the field is limited to the area of Vienna. Based on Bourdieus theory we discuss the following research question: What specific characteristics can be found in the "habitus" of producers of electronic music in Vienna? The research is based on nariative interviews. As a result of the qualitative analysis we discovered a range of common as well as diverging dispositions among the music producers. (author's abstract) ; Series: Schriftenreihe / Forschungsbereich Wirtschaft und Kultur

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Johannes Frass, Martin Frotzler, Michael Hartner, Herbert Kiennast

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