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Austria's approach towards the European Union

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... In my contribution I will tell in short the long story how Austria approached the European Union (EU). For other EU applicants this may not serve as a model blueprint, but it shows the particular problems a country has to tackle with when engaging to become a member of Europe's mightiest economic powers. Austria's roads to Europe were by no means straight. In contrast, we made many roundabouts and sidesteps. This, however, is not a problem unique to Austria. The double-trackedness of European integration in the sixties (EC versus EFTA integration) has caused enormous frictions and ineffiencies which resulted in a sub-optimal growth process in Europe and unused welfare potentials. In the case of Austria one can demonstrate that the splitting of integration in Europe was not very helpful for Austria's economic development. (excerpt) ; Series: EI Working Papers / Europainstitut

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Fritz Breuss

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