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Cross-Border Regional Innovation Systems

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In the past decade, the literature on regional innovation systems (RIS) has considerably enhanced our understanding of the critical role played by geographical proximity and local institutional conditions for the production of new knowledge and its economic exploitation. Regional innovation systems have been investigated for different types of regions, including high- tech centres, old industrial zones, and peripheral areas. In most cases, however, both theoretical and empirical work has focussed on RIS situated within a national context. Little research has been done so far on cross-border RIS. This paper is a first attempt to explore conceptually whether the theoretical approach of regional innovation systems can be applied to cross-border settings. We will investigate some critical conditions for the emergence of transfrontier innovation systems and argue that cross-border areas differ enormously regarding their capacity to develop an integrated inno vation space. (author's abstract) ; Series: SRE - Discussion Papers

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Michaela Trippl

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