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On the Asymptotic Theory of Permutation Statistics

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In this paper limit theorems for the conditional distributions of linear test statistics are proved. The assertions are conditioned by the sigma-field of permutation symmetric sets. Limit theorems are proved both for the conditional distributions under the hypothesis of randomness and under general contiguous alternatives with independent but not identically distributed observations. The proofs are based on results on limit theorems for exchangeable random variables by Strasser and Weber. The limit theorems under contiguous alternatives are consequences of an LAN-result for likelihood ratios of symmetrized product measures. The results of the paper have implications for statistical applications. By example it is shown that minimum variance partitions which are defined by observed data (e.g. by LVQ) lead to asymptotically optimal adaptive tests for the k-sample problem. As another application it is shown that conditional k-sample tests which are based on data-driven partitions lead to simple confidence sets which can be used for the simultaneous analysis of linear contrasts. (author's abstract) ; Series: Report Series SFB "Adaptive Information Systems and Modelling in Economics and Management Science"

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Helmut Strasser, Christian Weber

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