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Who Wants to be a Farmer?

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The aim of this game is to run your family farm for a 10 year (turn)period and see just how good you are at running a business. Seems simple, you've got 5 fields, some fertiliser, a holiday homeand the sun is shining. What could possibly go wrong? Well, internal andexternal shocks await, it's a competitive world and farming is abruising industry. Your management rating could just as easily fall asrise. The game is part of The Virtual Learning Arcade (VLA) which is an exciting new section on Biz/ed that provides interactive online models and simulations for economics and business teachers, lecturers and students. The simulations also have support materials that have been written to enhance their educational value. These include explanations of relevant theories, interactive worksheets, definitions and guidelines on using the models. The models currently available are shown below.

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