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WHAT IS IT? The YENTELS Game is based on the scenario of a young person who decides to start a new DJ business. The game is used together with e-learning Web course. The eLearning course is a structured and modular way to learn about business practices and procedures based on the Coventry Chamber Entrepreneurship Programme. This On-line website based course is based on a structured set of materials presented in a modular format. It covers the range of things that you need to know in order to successfully research, plan, set-up and run your new business. The YENTELS products are made "free at the point of use" to all qualifying individuals. WHO IS IT FOR? The main purpose of the YENTELS game and other resources is to offer young people throughout Europe educational programmes that stimulate innovative ideas and drive and prepare them for starting their own companies. It was aimed to be achieved by developing a simulation/computer gaming based e-learning suite of training materials which will assist them in acquiring the entrepreneurial skills necessary to set up & run their own businesses. The game particularly focus on young people who have chosen not to follow the traditional higher education route and are more suited to following a vocational career. HOW DOES IT WORK? The objective for the player is to make key critical decisions within the game in order to turn their new DJ business into a success. The player goes through various stages/options which are chosen to highlight a range of business related subjects. The game is lasts approximately an hour, but can be paused at any point and returned to. Games can also be replayed depending on what decisions you make within the game. The objective of the game is to educate/teach the player about the various issues associated with being an entrepreneur in a context which is true to life when starting a new business from scratch. The game compliments the YENTELS course and the YENTELS knowledge Base by helping learners to identify areas where they may have a lack of knowledge in a particular subject. Having identified the 'lack of knowledge' subject, they will then have the ability to find the relevant subject material (through the course or the knowledge base) in a traditional e-Learning format. The great thing about the game is that the player will be able to play it repetitively (through-out their learning phase) and test their new found knowledge in the context of the game. The YENTELS game involves developing state-of-the-art features (e.g. animated simulations, computer gaming and e-learning) on technology platforms which will allow the end “product” to be relatively easily “tailored” to cater for a variety of linguistic, cultural and sectoral requirements. UK leading game development company PixeLearning have enhanced their proprietary games development platform in a manner which makes the translation, amendment and contextualisation of the YENTELS game straightforward and speedy. THE WEBSITE OF THE COURSE AND THE GAME:

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