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A Life cycle analysis of automobile tires in France

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The disposal of used-tires represents a serious problem in France, as elsewhere. Narrow approaches, such as landfill bans, fail to tackle the root causes of the problem and also threaten to increase the proportion of tires disposed of under uncontrolled conditions... Different disposal alternatives (incineration, landfill etc.) should be reviewed together to make rational judgments about the disposal of inevitable wastes. By incinerating used tires, the volume of waste can be reduced at the same time as chemical energy is recovered. Incineration at cement plants is to be preferred over incineration at utilities since polluants are captured within the cement and are either encapsulated into long-lived structures or, in respect to sulfur, neutralized. The paper demonstrates the role of materials balance principles and life cycle methods in providing an objective (and holistic) basis for decision making in the tire sector

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