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International IMS Forum 2004: the HP solution factory

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The HP- Solution Factory built and configured HP Unix/Integrity servers, technical workstations and HP storage products for Europe, Middle East and Africa. The challenge for manufacturing within enterprise markets is to offer highly individual solutions/services for the price of commodity products. At HP a new industry leading fulfilment model was developed in two phases. In phase one the focus had been on velocity, quality and cost competitiveness. The site now offers the advantage of being centrally located within the main customer base with a cost structure ready to compete with low labour cost countries in Europe. In phase two the factory was completely integrated into the sales process and demonstrated that fulfilment can contribute to revenue generation. An integrated value collaboration network was needed to retain HP´s competitive edge when shifting towards individual fulfilment services and integration of highly customized solutions. The fulfilment model now was adapted to the specific customer segment needs.

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