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Coach or couch, anybody? The zen of creating high-EQ organizations

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This article presents a review of some of the more salient aspects of leadership coaching. Suggestions are made about how to differentiate coaching from consulting, career counseling, mentoring, and short-term psychotherapy. Different forms of coaching are reviewed, and the goals of leadership coaching are explored, along with what makes coaching work and what derails it. Criteria for successful coaching are discussed. An example is given of group coaching in action. The argument is made that although one-on-one coaching can be highly effective, coaching in a group setting has a much higher payoff, because changes in leadership behavior will be more widespread. Discussion is offered to show that group leadership coaching establishes a foundation of trust, makes for constructive conflict resolution, leads to commitment, and contributes to accountability, all factors that translate into better results for the organization. The article ends by suggesting that a change methodology centered on coaching makes for high-performance teams, creates boundaryless organizations, and introduces true knowledge management.

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