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Family business research in German publications 1990-2000

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Family business as a field is still in its infancy in the German speaking community. The paper compares the number of German academic publications with those in the Anglo-American area. It analysis the stage of the family business field in the German speaking community compared to the American one and shows besides the numbers the topics, authors, and whether publications are based on theoretical and/or empirical studies. Apart from that it provides interested readers with a list of academic publications written in German from 1990 until 2000. The paper shows that: · Family business as an emerging field is still in its infancy in German speaking areas. · While the number of Anglo-American publications increased over the past 10 years there is no increase in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. · The needs of international family business research standards are only met in a minory of German written publications. To improve family business research in German speaking areas it is recommended to meet international family business research standards, to incorporate international results, to work in teams, in national teams, in international teams, and in interdisciplinary teams.

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