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Creating the "authentizotic" organization: corporate transformation and its vicissitudes: a rejoinder

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This article is a rejoinder to the critique by Robert Golembiewski of our article "Transforming the mind-set of the organizaiton: a clinical perspective" that appeared in "Administration and Society". In that article the processes of individual and organizational change - their characteristics and dynamics - were explored, and the resemblance between personal and organizational change highlighted, using a clinical orientation to organizational diagnosis and change. As major criticisms to this article, Dr. Golembiewski asserted that 1) there are some serious limitations to our approach to organizational transformation and change, 2) our approach has negative ethical implications, and 3) our estimates of success rates of change processes in general were far too low. To stress the point of our low estimates of success rates of organizaitonal change endeavors, Dr. Golembiewski referred to Quality of Working Life (QWL) and Organizational Development (OD) studies. In this context he listed a survey that produced rather optimistic results. In our rejoinder, to explain the divergence in success, we emphasize the difference between the usually small-scale change efforts as represented by OD and QWL methods and the major organizational transformation efforts we have been engaged in. We also note that the clinical orientation to organizational change adds an additional dimension to more conventional approaches to change. We point out that our approach may be more appropriate given the present shift in organizational paradigms. Furthermore, in our rejoinder we clarify our definition of "healthy" organizations as being based on as a set of motivational need systems. We introduce the concept of the authentizotic organization, indicating the type of organization representing a set of values that make it an invigorating place to work. These are the kinds of organizations that possess an ambiance where people have a greater sense of self-determination, a greater sense of impact, a greater sense of competence, a greater sense of belonging, a greater sense of enjoyment, and as sense of meaning.

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