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Leadership for creativity: generating peak experiences

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This article consists of two parts. I) Attention is paid to the nature of creativity and the role of creativity in organizations. Some of the characteristics and inner dynamics of creative people are discussed. The notions of play and transitional space are introduced. Behavioral aspects of noncreative people are also explored. In this context, the concept of alexithymia - a condition that characterizes individuals who have difficulties with emotions - is mentioned. 2) The question of what leaders can do to make people more creative - that is, what steps can be taken to get the best out of them - is explored. As illustration, two leaders who manage that process successfully are introduced: P. Barnevik of ABB and R. Branson of Virgin. These two leaders are extremely effective at handling the charismatic and "architectural" roles of leadership. In the first role, they envision, enpower and energize; in the second role, they design organizations and institute affective control and reward systems

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