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The Life-cycle of chlorine: Part III and IV

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A number of chlorine chemicals, especially organochlorines, are toxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic or otherwise disturbing to the environment. Some environmentalists have lobbied for a ban. The chemical industry is mounting a vigorous defense, but both sides are selectively using questionable and unverifiable data. The problem is that data in the public domain is of very poor quality and much crucial information is unavaible. The purpose of this paper and the three that follow, is to elucidate the information requirements for an adequate life cycle analysis of chlorine and its uses. The 1st paper deals with electrolytic chlorine production and the chlorine-mercury connection. The 2nd paper deals with conversion processes and losses and further chemical industry uses of chlorine. The 3rd paper deals with major end uses of chlorine and chlorine chemicals. The 4th paper considers the subset of persistent organochlorine pollutants that have caused most concern to environmentalists

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