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The Anatomy of the entrepreneur: clinical observations

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In psychoanalytic theory, studies of work behavior have been scarce. Most of the existing literature concerns itself with cases of work inhibition or compulsion. No attention has been paid to a major contributor to economic development in society, the entrepreneur. This contrasts with the amount of attention given to entrepreneurs by other disciplines. The object of this study is to understand the dynamics of entrepreneurship, and in particular the work behavior of entrepreneurs. First there is a brief overview of the role of work in psychoanalytic theory. Then factors important to entrepreneurship are reviewed from the perspective of economic, sociological, anthropological, psychological and organizational theory. A case history is presented of one entrepreneur who chose to be treated through psychoanalysis. The intensity of this type of treatment means that continuity in observation is provided. This case study offers a unique insight into the complex "inner theather" of one particular entrepreneur

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