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Inducing multi-line salespeople to adopt house brands

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Multi-line salespeople sell the product lines of multiple companies and are employees of distributors or of independent sales agencies. Many multi-line providers have recently moved to build a distinct marketing identity by adding a "house brand" to their salespeople's existing product portfolio. Distributors and sales agencies have attempted to induce their salespeople to adopt the house brand so that house-branded products constitute a substantial fraction of every salesperson's sales and income. Yet, house brands have the potential to limit a salesperson's job mobility, as well as build customer loyalty to the multi-line provider rather than the individual salesperson. How can multi-line providers induce their salespeople to sell house brands? Using both inobtrusive measures and direct questions, we model the extend to which salespeople adopt house brands, as well as the salesperson's perception that selling house brands can pose contractual hazards and the salesperson's dependence upon the employer

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