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Dear students!Find attached the last presentation Coporate-level Strategy. For instance 1st session is over!. So now you should be able to:Explain what is meant by strategy Describe a strategic management process Discuss the role of values, vision, and mission statements Evaluate different perspectives on strategy formulation Explain the linkages between an organization's strategy and its external and internal environment. Define what constitutes the general environment Evaluate PEST as a framework for analysing the macro-environment Discuss the background to Porter's five forces Undertake an analysis of strategic groups map within an industry Discuss value chain analysis Evaluate the role of linkages for creating competitive advantage Discuss the resource-based view of strategy Explain the role of resources, competencies and capabilities in helping an organization achieve a sustainable competitive advantage; Explain how the resource-based view can guide strategy Evaluate the importance of knowledge management within organizations. Define business and corporate strategy Discuss the role of business strategy in achieving competitive advantage Evaluate Porter's generic competitive strategies Discuss a resource-based approach to strategy formulation Evaluate the industry life-cycle Explain what is meant by corporate strategy Assess the effectiveness of different growth strategies Evaluate related and unrelated diversification strategies All the best wishes for your exams :) See you next .. Heydi Pazmino

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