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Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets (Organization%2Band%2BFunctioning%2Bof%2BSecurities%2BMarkets.ppt)

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Organization and Functioning of Securities MarketsDescribe the characteristics of a well-functioning securities market.Distinguish between competitive bids, negotiated sales, and private placements for issuing bonds.Distinguish between primary and secondary capital markets, and explain how secondary markets support primary markets.Distinguish between call and continuous markets.Compare and contrast the structural differences among national stock exchanges, regional stock exchanges, and the over-the-counter (OTC) markets.Compare and contrast major characteristics of exchange markets, including exchange membership, types of orders, and market makers.Describe the process of selling a stock short and discuss an investor’s likely motivation for selling short.Describe the process of buying a stock on margin, compute the rate of return on a margin transaction, define maintenance margin and determine the stock price at which the investor would receive a margin call.Discuss major effects of the institutionalization of securities markets.

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Natalia Elizabeth Rendon Chasi

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