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Grades are posted.I am sorry about the grades on the projects, but you had 3 months to work on them and there are no excuses. The most common reasons why points were taken away were:1. Just copy and paste from the internet with no added value. There were groups that didn't relate the product or company to the information found, they just input the information from the internet and that is not enough for this project as it was explained several times.2. Some groups ommited sections from the outline.3. The marketing section was one of the most important parts of the project and there were groups that didn't take the time to work on it as this project deserved.I know it may look unfair, but remember how much time you have had to work on the projects and how many tiems I told you to don't leave it to the end because you had otehr classes too and other projects to work on.See you on Saturday september 15 at 11:00am. Please let me know who is coming for the makeuo test and I will also bring the projects that day to give them back to you. Makeup exam is cummulative, but take out: chapter 2:The International Economic Environment chapter 5: The Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments of International Marketingchapter 14: Channel Decisions - International Marketing Communications DecisionsMaria Cecilia Moreno

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